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Gentlemen’s club mile 4 Nkwen converts bottles of drinks to cash to put smiles on the faces of some vulnerable patients at the regional hospial bamenda
Owing to the current sociopolitical climate prevailing in the region, many families have been impoverished and live below the poverty line.
Bamenda Regional Hospital inaugurates its ultra-modern toilets
Institutional analysis for the Regional Hospital Bamenda was carried out by the hospital administration some 4 years ago.
Staff of the B-Ward of the Bamenda Regional Hospital expresses gratitude for the face-lift given the ward and pledge to handle the jewel with care.
After the face-lift given the “A”, “C”, “F” and “E” wards, of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, the B-Ward was next in line. Wednesday 17th
Bamenda Regional Hospital staff drilled on violence at work places and strategies to minimize or eliminate such practice.
During the usual scientific meetings at the Regional Hospital, the target on the 20th of September was violence or harassment at the workpla
B-Ward gets its own fair share of renovation works following institutional analysis carried out 4 years ago
The B-ward being the children’s ward of the Regional Hospital Bamenda is the next ward
Regular blood donors to the Bamenda Regional Hospital blood bank get certificates of recognition
As a part of activities for World Blood Donor day 2018, some regular blood donors to the Bamenda Regional Hospital Blood Bank,
THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE UNIT,Drug induced hepatotoxicity, now retermed Drug‐induced liver injury (DILI)
The advent of Scientific Meetings at the Bamenda Regional Hospital
One of the main missions of every regional hospital is to carry out operational research which involves having a look at their activities