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Staff of the B-Ward of the Bamenda Regional Hospital expresses gratitude for the face-lift given the ward and pledge to handle the jewel with care.
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Director Cutting the ribbon
Director Cutting the ribbon

        After the face-lift given the “A”, “C”, “F” and “E” wards, of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, the B-Ward was next in line. Wednesday 17th October 2018 staff of the ward received a brand new ward as opposed to the old dilapidated ward with old ceiling, defaced walls, worn out and rough cement floors and toilets which were installed about 20 meters away from the ward posing a nuance to the patients and their carers. Today, the hospital can boast of an ‘Android’ B-Ward which has been reopened by the Director,  Dr. Kinge Thompson, in the presence of hospital administration and staff.
Acknowledging God’s presence and thanking him for such a wonderful gift given the quality of work done, the hospital Chaplain, Rev. Aziah Samuel, blessed the Ward and called on Christ to be at the centre of activities carried out there. He urged the staff to always be thankful to God for giving them an administration that is so innovative as to judiciously use all the modest resources internally generated to bring satisfaction to the public through quality services.
At the ceremony which took place in the building hosting the Pediatric Unit, the B-Ward staff received coaching from the Ward maid and Ward Unit Head of E-Ward who cautioned them on sanitation and urged them to take the challenge of maintaining the status of the ward as it is handed to them. The ward Charge of the E Ward Mme Tosam Miranda, flashed back to May when her ward was inaugurated tongues wagged as to whether the ward will maintain same status after six months. With that statement she took it as a challenge to collaborate with the nurses of the ward to maintain the status at all times.
The General Supervisor of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Mrs Njini Rose, expressed gratitude to the Director and to the Ward Charge and her team.  She advised the nurses to be collaborative, presented to them breast pocket watches, a gift from the Director of the Hospital, as a reminder for them to be time cautious in every activity they carry out.
            The Director, Dr Kinge Thompson , addressing the hospital staff present and particularly the beneficiary  personnel  of  B-Ward had a lone message for them, I quote “When we take care of sick people it is always a process of sanctification, I have learnt. Therefore, I continue calling on all of you, men and women, working in all the different capacities you have in the hospital to come here with one heart that will cause you to be focused on the work that God has given you. The opportunity that we doctors and nurses and all those who work in the hospital have is that we come in contact on a daily basis with Christ himself. Christ who comes to you in every possible disguised manner. For B-Ward, you are certainly going to meet Christ who has come with a crying baby, a sick baby who has messed up his trousers with stool and the mother has rushed to get something. Will you clean the child up or will you wait for the mother? Christ will come to you in the form of a patient who calls you when you are about to go home and tells you: ‘I have not been feeling fine since morning.’ So, we should be ready to treat Christ with so much care and love. It may be your only opportunity to make it up there. In order that you do not lose that chance, make up your minds to treat the patients as if you were given an opportunity to treat the Head of State or the Minister of Public Health who will give you promotion, motivation etc. In that way, you will not lose him, in that way, you will not pass him by and he will not pass you by”.
The Director stretched an olive branch to the contractor, Mr. Frederick, and his boys for the quality of work done at B-Ward. He implored God to keep them strong so that they may continue with such good work in the other services that will follow.
The Pediatric Unit (the B-Ward) has been divided into four sections; Section one is the semi-private, section two and three, the General, and section four for intensive care with baby cots. The administration has made available about eight bicycles, and game items for children’s amusement while in the hospital.
These renovation works in the hospital are being carried out following institutional analysis carried out by the hospital administration some 4 years ago. Talking to the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr. Thompson Kinge, he revealed that the ongoing renovation works at the B-Ward are in line with an OK given by the Minister of Public Health, the Minister of Finance and the Government of Cameroon, allowing the hospital to be part of the Performance Based Financing Programme, which allows for the hospital to generate money, plan for development through projects, work with the management board to carry the out.

           Pedmia Shatu Tita

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