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Bamenda Regional Hospital inaugurates its ultra-modern toilets
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 inauguration of an ultra-modern toilet structure at the Bamenda Regional Hospital
inauguration of an ultra-modern toilet structure at the Bamenda Regional Hospital
Board members of the regional hospital Bamenda

Institutional analysis for the Regional Hospital Bamenda was carried out by the hospital administration some 4 years ago. Since then, the hospital administration has embarked on a number of innovative projects in the framework of the Performance Based Financing Programme, approved by the Ministries of Public Health and of Finance. This programme allows the hospital to generate funds, plan for development through projects, work with the Management Board and execute them.

Some of such projects realized so far include the renovation of some of its facilities which were in a steady state of dilapidation such as the B, C, E and F Wards, the tiling of walkways, to name just these. 11th April 2019 goes down into the records of the hospital as yet another structure was inaugurated, the ultra-modern toilets. The inauguration coincided with the holding of the meeting of the Management Board and it was an occasion for the Board members to discover first hand what these VIP toilets look like.

In a brief but significant ceremony which took place in front of the VIP toilets themselves, the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council who also doubles as the Board Chair of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, congratulated the administration of the hospital and its staff for their indefatigable efforts in giving the hospital the positive image it deserves. He lauded the initiative as well as other projects that have been carried out in the hospital since he became Chairman of the Management Board. He recognized the efforts of the Director of the Regional Hospital who has selflessly worked to modernize the infrastructure of the hospital, making it a veritable place of comfort and assurance to the patients. Turning to the patients and other users, he called on them to handle this jewel with extreme care.

Dr Kinge Thompson Njie, Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, talking to the press, emphasized that the regional hospital is a public institution and as such the toilets cannot only be used by patients alone, given that they are usually accompanied by their relatives.  It is in fact a public toilet, to be used by anyone who is pressed at the time that he/she is at the regional hospital.
Quizzed on the choice of VIP toilets at a time when there was a growing demand for the renovation of the Maternity Ward, Dr Kinge said the hospital is a public place and if care is not taken people will come in healthy and the risk is that they might go back home with infections and other problems. Perhaps toilets are hardly given the pride of place in our culture, but they are the first places that ought to be kept clean in a hospital environment, he added.

He further stressed that use of the toilets is FREE for all who have a business in the hospital, given that it will not be proper to require that they pay for the facility. The idea here Is to enable people to relieve themselves when they are pressed and if after that they feel the need to assist in the maintenance of the hygiene and sanitation of the toilets, either through the purchase of toilet tissue, cleaning detergents, etc, they are free to make a free will donation. The free will donation can be made by anyone and not just the users. That is a laudable way to share the cost of keeping the toilets clean the way we all expect, Dr Kinge concluded.

According to Mr. Eko Frederick Ndive, the contractor, the project was begun since March 2018 and has lasted this long because projects in the hospital are carried out in semesters. He thanked management for the necessary support given him and his team during period of work till final realization.

He then revealed that the structure has 18 toilets for males and females, the main building having 14 toilets and a duty post while both sides of the building have 2 each, accessible to persons with disabilities. 

Pedmia Shatu Tita