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Gentlemen’s club mile 4 Nkwen converts bottles of drinks to cash to put smiles on the faces of some vulnerable patients at the regional hospial bamenda
News  |  06.11.2019 10:52 am  |  183  |  A+ | a-
Owing to the current sociopolitical climate prevailing in the region, many families have been impoverished and live below the poverty line. It is against this backdrop that some 6 patients considered vulnerable as per the assessment of the Social Service of the Regional Hospital, chosen from the male accident ward (E-Ward)and the female accident ward (D-Ward) of the Regional Hospital Bamenda recently received a financial donation from a social group, “Gentlemen’s Club” Mile 4 Nkwen.

Group Photo of the donors with the Director of the Regional Hospital and Madame Nicole Ndakwa,  chief of unit for the Social Action ServiceThe Club was represented by four of its members, Mr. Wiymanla Francis, Mr. Barnabas Emmgoh, Mrs. Collet Kela and Mr. Emmanuel Senyuy Tume who explained that theirs is a social gathering where they sit to share food and drinks amongst themselves. Given the prevailing situation in the region, they thought it would be good to convert some of these bottles of drinks to cash to assist those who are in the hospital with little or nothing to live on.  Mr. Barnabas Emmgoh, one of the members, said it is an initiative they are experimenting and their starting point is the Regional Hospital. While hoping that it yields fruits, they are hoping to extend it to other social network groups so that they too can sacrifice at least a bottle of beer in order to put a smile on the faces of the vulnerable in similar health facilities where they are being taken care of.

Donors in a brief session at the Directors officeWhen asked whether such acts will end when normalcy returns to the region, representatives of the Gentlemen’s Club said even when the town was without the current upheavals there were people who could hardly take care of themselves, and needed such assistance. So as they continue to enjoy themselves back in their Club, they will forever remember that there are people who would have loved to provide for themselves the barest necessities but do not have the means to do so.

During a brief but significant reception ceremony, Dr Kinge Thompson Njie, Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, thanked the donors immensely and saluted the initiative which to him will go a long way to improve the welfare of the recipients. Dr Kinge further wished them God’s blessings, guidance, good health, peace, security and prosperity. He indicated that such acts are what well-wishers and other humanitarians have been carrying out and that when such is the case, the hospital uses its social media platform to inform its other partners and the entire community about them. By so doing others may get inspired to carry out similar acts or even better, he added.Director Kinge in a brief meeting donors

In a comic but wishful tone, the chief of unit for the Social Action Service, Madame Nicole Ndakwa, just like Oliver Twist, saluted the initiative while hoping that many more of such donations continue to be made. According to her, her service is at the center of such acts to link donors and the hospital and its patients. Since the hospital cannot single-handedly handle this, it is through such gestures that the hospital breathes a sigh of relief.Chief of unit for the Social Action Service, Madame Nicole Ndakwa
The recipients in one voice thanked the donors for such a timely gesture, assuring them that the cash will go a long way to provide them with  basic necessities during their stay in the hospital.

Pedmia Shatu Tita