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“Press and Associate”, a Talk Show over Ndefcam RadioBamenda, donates 343,000FCFA to the ultra-modern toilets of the Bamenda Regional Hospital.
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The director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital receives envelope from Gwain Colbert, the moderateor o
The director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital receives envelope from Gwain Colbert, the moderateor o
The Regional Hospital Bamenda in a bid to ensure the welfare of its clients thought it wise some months back to offer them an ultra-modern toilet which was inaugurated on the 11th of April, 2019. At the event which was attended by a cross-section of hospital staff,  members of the hospital Management Board, the press  amongst others, the Director Dr  Kinge Thompson Njie had indicated that the use of these toilets was free of charge for the Bamenda public.  Dr. Kinge further sent an appeal message to well-wishers and good will ambassadors that should they from time to time want to chip in something for the maintenance and sanitation of the toilets, they should not hesitate to do so.

In response to this, “Press and Associate” , a famous radio talk show over NDEFCAM RadioBamenda, took up an initiative to raise funds for the maintenance of the ultra-modern toilets. Wednesday July 3rd 2019, the panel, in a solemn and brief ceremony,  presented the sum of 343,000 FRS to the hospital administration. The project leader, Mr. John Menkefor, said that during  the commissioning of the toilets, the Director of the hospital had said it would be unfortunate if someone came  to the hospital healthy and went back infected. Then he had declared that the toilet would be free to everybody,  meaning that he recognized the fact that  we have this kind of big problem in Bamenda and we need to treat it as an emergency. And because, as he had announced,  it was going to be free, he had appealed to potential users to drop something whenever they were moved to do so. He went on that they decided to take this initiative to sustain the sanitation of  Bamenda because this is the first of its kind which has stood the test of time. So the idea was to take such an initiative from the hospital and make it a community project; reason why they are naming and shaming people who run dirty toilets and naming and praising people who run good toilets. When quizzed on the people who must have donated the said amount, Mr. Menkefor said there have been a variety of people ranging from mechanics. teachers, journalists, security guards, directors, men of God and people contributing from the diaspora USA, Germany and other countries. Contributions have equally come from Yaounde, remote areas like Mbiame and the list is very long and all are appreciated, the project leader said. Mr. Menkefor equally noted that the spontaneous response to this initiative means that the people of Bamenda were dying silently and the hospital came in timely because if somebody appreciates something and decides to contribute then it means a need has been met.

In appreciation, the Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, Dr. Thompson Kinge Njie said it was a timely initiative from “Press and Associate” because it is coming to ease work for the administration and enable  users to use the toilets free of charge. Dr. Kinge further added that everybody in the NWR is a VIP, reason why the toilets were named as such.  No one pays before using it is because once one is pressed, there is no other thing that comes into competition, he continued.

Receiving the 343,000CFA, the Director said if the hospital had asked people to pay, they would’ve been missing the point given that from April till date just about 125,000CFA would’ve been collected at 50frs per hence suppressing good-hearted people who have  raised 343,000CFA for this project which has already taken care of close to 7000 users. Quoting from the Bassas, the director said the Bassas believe that once someone does good, the beneficiary remains humble, knowing that the benefactor will come again, so he hopes the “Press and Associates” team is coming back

Dr. Kinge Thompson, filled with so much joy, offered a copy of his book, which is in its 3rd edition, titled KNOW AND CONQUER AIDS, to everyone who was present at the event, urging them to take it home to their children so that they can grow up to be men and women free of HIV/AIDS.

The event was attended byMaikemEmmanuela, the Manager of NDEFACM Radio Bamenda, Mr. Shaibu Isiaka Babayaro, Community representative and a Board member, Mr. Ambe Macmillan Awah, Presisdent CAMASEJ NW Chapter, media men and women as well as hospital administration who all appreciated the gesture from the “Press and Associates” crew and by extension NDEFCAM  Radio Bamenda.

The event closed with a visit to the toilets to see the state of its sanitation  3 months after inauguration and behold the toilet staff were applauded for a job well done.

Pedmia Shatu Tita