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Following a strategic meeting of the Management Board of the Bamenda Regional Hospital on Wednesday the 23rd of January 2019, the hospital Administration is pleased to sell its envisaged projects to the general public. In a bid to give the hospital a facelift, the hospital Administration thought it wise to take a critical look at some of its facilities which were in a state of dilapidation, renovated some like the A-, B-, C-, E-, F-Wards, Theatre, construction of a VIP free public toilet, resurfacing and tiling of the covered walkways, acquisitions of an ultra-modern generator.
Below are some pictures of the realized projects;
ultra-modern generator
Wall cupboards for patients in all renovated wards

Outer view of renovated F and C wards
Backview of renovated E ward

Children's Ward B

Outer view E ward

Inner toilets E-ward

They equally envisage projects such as:
  1. Purchase of two 30-seater buses for the transportation of personnel;
  2. Purchase of two new ambulances;
  3. Renovation of D-Ward + beds and mattresses{Estimated cost  40 Million FCFA}. Below is the present state of D-ward

d. Renovation of Labour Room Theatre {Estimated cost  23 Million FCFA}
Present state of the Labour room Theatre

e. Renovation of Post-Natal Ward+ beds and mattresses {Estimated cost  36 Million FCFA}
Present state of the Post Natal

The transport buses for the staff will act as a morale booster for the personnel, especially young doctors and nurses who may still be finding their feet in life and in the profession. This will certainly spur them to better commit themselves to this onerous profession of saving human lives, especially given the context of the ongoing socio-political crisis. They will facilitate the movement of staff both in times of crisis and in normal times.
Given the present socio-political crisis in the region, Ambulance Hot Lines have been instituted for the public to call for evacuation from difficult zones of the city of Bamenda. Public response to this amenity has been so high that we foresee making of it a permanent component of service to the public, hence the need for more buses. 

Following the costing and given that it will be onerous for these projects to be single-handedly carried out by the hospital, its Administration is appealing to individuals and organizations of good will within the national territory and in the Diaspora, as well as government agencies of good will, to choose a project or projects they would love to contribute to and do so via the following bank account: (UBA Account No : 10033-05204-04004000088-44)

Potential donors are assured of utmost transparency in the management of the funds, execution of the projects and full accountability.
Signatories to the account are the Chairman of the Management Board of the Regional Hospital, the Director of the Regional Hospital and the Service Manager of the Regional Hospital. All records pertaining to the execution of the projects shall be put at the disposal of donors for their appreciation should they deem it necessary and make the request.
It is worth noting that the Government of Cameroon through its Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Finance has done a lot to see that the population gets quality health care. For example, it is through Government funds that the VIP toilet is being constructed, and the B- , C-, E- and F-Wards were renovated. The Hemodialysis Centre as well as the Imagery Centre remain palpable hallmarks of Government effort in providing quality healthcare to the population of the North West in particular and Cameroon in general.
While hoping for more assistance, the Management Board as well as the hospital’s Administration remain grateful to Government for taking its responsibilities.