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Hygiene, Sanitation and Maintenance workers at the Regional Hospital Bamenda
Hygiene, Sanitation and Maintenance workers at the Regional Hospital Bamenda

Following the commissioning into office and effective assumption of duty of Dr. Nsame Denis as Director of the Bamenda Regional hospital, the Hygiene and Sanitation unit is privileged to be the first Unit to have received the Director. In addressing issues related to the unit, the head Madame Abingwa Margaret first of all welcomed the new Director and wished him a fruitful stay with their collaboration. She reminded the workers both on internal and external sanitation that despite the change in administration, they have a daunting task to assist the present director just like they collaborated with the former.

Workers enumerated their plight which ranged from motivation to long working hours, a situation which makes it difficult for them to have time for themselves and families. To this, Madam Margaret expatiated on the weekend roster for the 28 workers which gives latitude for them to have at least some rest though it may fall below their expectations.
Madam Ethel one of the hospital Administrators, lauded the hardworking spirit of some of the workers of the unit, pointing out some distinct cases and asking others to copy their example. She entreated them to love what they are doing and that in that way they will do it well. With regards to their working hours, she appealed to the Director to look into it based on their performance. Should they concentrate and do their work well, they may be given some considerations and their closing time modified, she added.

In reacting, the Director Dr. Nsame Denis, reminded the workers of the unit that they equally provide health care to patients and that sanitation is a 24 hours thing since one never knows when there might be a blood spill on the floor, or vomiting, littering of the environment by patients and carers. He however appreciated the marvelous work they are doing to keep the hospital clean. He urged them to be diligent in the discharge of their duty because the Administrators will always follow up
He remarked that given that the Regional Hospital Bamenda is the lone reference hospital for the Region, hygiene and sanitation matters remain very primordial, hence infection prevention should be priority through the Hygiene and Sanitation staff. He cautioned the staff that the tools and equipment they use are government property and the workers are caretakers so, medical engineers and users should use equipment diligently for proper maintenance. With regards to the inconsistency in the supply of electricity, Dr. Nsame said it's unfortunate that the hospital now runs on a single generator and cannot work 24 hours. Hence the generator will run from 8am to 1pm and from 6pm to 6am to allow it rest too. However, the repairer is doing all it takes to repair the other so that one works during the day and the other during the night.
Workers of Sanitation and Hygiene were asked to educate their clients especially on segregating waste in the unit.

Motivation was one of the major worries of the workers which he affirmed was a huge burden to everyone because it is far below average. He however urged them to take their work seriously and whenever they have to be motivated, they will.
Dr. Nsame saluted the efforts of the mortuary attendants and noted their worry on working materials. He equally raised concerns on abandoned corpses and resolved that the hospital will work in close collaboration with the Bamenda City Council. Corpses are to be collected within 60 days and if medical report says for a corpse that it constitutes a danger then it will be evacuated even before the said days.
In a concluding statement, the Director appealed to workers to be careful and stay safe, given the present context.