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Weekly Coordination meeting BRH October 16th: Dr. Nsame Denis appeals to personnel to be their own security
News  |  10.16.2019 7:36 pm  |  567  |  A+ | a-
This week the meeting was chaired by the General supervisor of the hospital Dr. Mrs Njini Rose in the presence of the Director, hospital administration and hospital staff represented by their unit heads.
Take home points during the meetings,
  • Doctors and nurses were called upon to clerk patients and do be more diligent in the discharge of their duty to avoidthe rate of deaths in the hospital.
  • Dr. Mrs Njini Rose urged all words to have a directional clock to ease direction in case the attention of a nurse is needed.
  • The Social Action Service of the hospital received Gentlemen’s Club a social group at Mile four Nkwen with support for 10vulnerable cases, 25000 per patient. The amount was distributed as such; B-ward 1child, C-ward 2 patients, D-ward 2, E-ward 4patients and one discharge case in the Tuberculosis unit. The General supervisor received the club members with this support.
The hospital in the month of September lost about 30million FCFA owing to unpaid bills by patients and others acts within the hospital considered unprofessional such as the referral of patients to laboratories out of hospital for test and drug purchase. To this the General supervisor suggested that appeals to donor should be more financial than material given the loss the hospital incures financially for non-payment of bills.
The Director of the hospital, Dr. Denis Nsame closing the meeting said corruption is on the rise in the hospital and one of the reasons for the financial loss too and emphasized the efforts the hospital administration is putting to see that culprits are punished. He appealed to personnel to always move along with their badges for identification given the trying times, avoid late outings and for those working on Monday, he suggested that they sleep in the hospital for security reasons.