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Diabetic Patients at the Regional Hospital urged to adopt a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their Families to Prevent/delay the onset of diabetes
News  |  11.14.2019 1:38 pm  |  585  |  A+ | a-

Diabetic clients at the Regional Hospital Bamenda have today joint the rest of the world in commemorating World Diabetes Day. This is an annual event which is observed every November 14th aimed at creating a platform to promote the International Diabetes Federations advocacy efforts throughout the year and be the global driver to promote the importance of taking coordinated and concerted actions to confront diabetes as a critical global health issue. The theme for World Diabetes Day 2018-19 is Family and Diabetes.

The day brought together these patients at the diabetic unit who were welcomed by meditation done by Rev. Pastor Denis Ngong who appealed for them to know that there is one person who is always ready to listen to their challenges and being diabetic is not a condemnation and that Jesus in the days word is calling on all who are heavy laden to cast their burden unto him and he shall give them rest.

There was a walk to kick out Diabetes which was led by Dr. Nsame Denis, Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda. The walk lasted about 30 mins and the patients gathered at the Hospitals multipurpose hall where they were received by the Director of the hospital, Dr. Denis Nsame, Mrs Nfor Claudette, Regional Coordinator for Diabetes and Hypertension, Mr. Nde Zama, President of the Diabetes Association at the Regional hospital and Dr. Mercy Fru the acting Doctor at the Diabetic Unit and other staff from the Regional Delegation for Public Health and the Associations executive members.

Welcoming them, the Director expressed satisfaction with the organization of such activities to keep patients fit and healthy. Mrs Nfor Claudette, Regional Coordinator for Diabetes and Hypertension gave them insights on the meaning of the day and on the reason for the choice of the Theme by World Health organization and the International Diabetes Federation. She stressed on the need for the patients to feed well in order to stay healthy. Food which is good for a diabetic patient is also good for a non-diabetic patient Mrs. Nfor added.

Mr. Nde Zama, President of the Diabetes Association at the Regional hospital expressed a wish which to him is the cry of most of the patients for the prices of drugs to be subsidized. He however affirmed that must has been done in terms of affordability for some of the drugs but like Oliver Twist is hoping that more be done. Mr. Nde further appealed that the Regional Coordinator for Diabetes and Hypertension should forward images gotten for the day for the world to see and a good Samaritan of good will, can see the huge number suffering and offer assistance.

Talking to one of the patients Mama Muma Margaret who has lived with diabetes for 21 she says it’s not a condemnation but very challenging. She opines that following doctor’s prescription is what has kept her for this number of years. She however has one challenge which is financial constraints since she says some of the drugs are very expensive. She pleads with the powers that be to help subsidize the prices.

It should be recalled World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991 by International Diabetes Federation IDF and the World Health Organization. It also marks the birth anniversary of Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best in 1922.

While it was first created in 1991, the day became official United Nations Day in 2006. World Diabetes Day campaign is represented by a blue circle logo on a white background. The symbol was adopted in the year 2007 after the UN passed a resolution on diabetes. Today, the blue circle stands as the global symbol for diabetes awareness.

 To mark the close of the day, everyone present benefited from a free Diabetes and Hypertension screening.