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Staff and Regional Hospital Administration share common meal as end of year festivities draw close
News  |  12.07.2019 11:09 am  |  352  |  A+ | a-
Friday 6th of December 2019 goes down into the Bamenda Regional hospital archive as the day the staff and administration showed a commitment of camaraderie as they communion together as one family in this Christmas season.
Termed the End of year Common meal, the esplanade of the hospital saw over 400 staff, dressed in the colorful hospital fabric in humour and excitement. Top on the days agenda was the installation of the Bamenda Regional Hospital Staff Association Executive. The installation was done by Director Nsame Denis in the presence of the Representative of Mr. Elambe Pius, Chief of Administration and Finance at the Regional Delegation for Public Health, sitting in for the Regional Delegate.
Following their installation with

President –––––––––––––––––––––––––Mme Kiiyeh Marie Anne
Vice/Minute Secretary –––––––––––––– Mr. Ngu Nji Emmanuel
Treasurer –––––––––––––––––––––––– Akoko Besong
Financial Secretary ––––––––––––––––– Pauline Besong
Public Relations Officer ––––––––––––– Mme Ambifuh Comfort
                                                                    Mr. Anguh Kenneth,

The President Mme Mary-Anne in her keynote expressed gratitude for the confidence given to her and her team and that she believes that only team work can ascertain a bright future for the Association. She mentioned that we are in a festive period and BARHSA I its own little ways will try to celebrate with its members in the days ahead by sharing soap and groundnut. This activity she reiterated will be done by the social group of BARHSA. Also an in-depth financial report of the association was presented by the Financial Secretary Madame Pauline Besong which was greatly appreciate by everyone especially the General Supervisor, Dr. Mrs. Njini Rose, who made a little display for her followed by the staff.

As part of Sanitary measures and the maintain of order in the hospital, the  Assistant General supervisor who doubles as the dressing committee head Mr. Franklin Lobo, did a presentation on the dress code of the hospital in which we showed how Admins, doctors, nurses, and ward servants have to dress while on duty. This was properly demonstrated with the display in a sketch.

As part of the day’s activity, the efforts of some 28 staffs due for retirement were recognized with certificates. A gesture well handled by the General Supervisor, Dr. Mrs Njini Rose.

Their certificates were accompanied by envelopes to thank them for their good work. One of the retired Staff Dr. Sunjo Frida, who served in the Pediatric OPD unit, made a wonderful display after collecting her certificate which captured the crowd. She mentioned that going on retirement while alive was a great pleasure for her and she remains grateful for the time she has spent at the Bamenda Regional Hospital and it is a family she will never forget.

The Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, Dr. Denis Nsame at the end of the occasion lauded the efforts of all and sundry who turned out for the event and particularly the uniformity in the dressing. He mentioned that work done in an establishment as such needs the effort of all actors. Thanked the efforts of the Regional Delegation for Public health for the availability whenever issues concerning the hospital are involved. While wishing everyone a fruitful end of year, he cautioned that they should put their security first for the times are challenging.

Staff of the Regional Hospital Exhibited their dance strength as they showed some chronological dance moves and opening of the floor was done by a couple of people including the Director, GS, Medical Adviser, delegate representative, to name but these. After there was merriment and all departed in joy.