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US Ambassador pledges relentless support to the Regional Hospital Bamenda
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US Ambassador to Cameroon, Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda and Director of the CBCHB
US Ambassador to Cameroon, Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda and Director of the CBCHB
Wednesday April 25th marks a memorable day for the Regional Hospital Bamenda and its administration with the visit of the US Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin to the institution. His visit was in a bid to solidify the existing ties between the Regional hospital Bamenda and the US government. The US Ambassador visited some structures of the hospital such as the laboratory and the blood bank.
In his words of welcome to Mr Barlerin, the director of the hospital Dr, Kinge Thompson expressed gratitude for the enormous support the US government is doing to save lives of the thousands of Cameroonians in the NWR.
In the area of HIV care for example, US cooperative funds through the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHB) have gone a long way to help the hospital keep an active cohort of 5,500 adults and children. Retention into care is facilitated through the animation of support groups including;
  • An adolescent clinic ith 60 of them in number
  • A paediatric clinic with 40 of them in number.
  • A PMTCT group of 20 active mother
Same funding has also helped the Regional Hospital Bamenda to put in place
  • An active task force which meets every month,
  • Provider-initiated testing and counselling at all entry points.
  • Peer educators who link clients from entry points to care and treatment.
  • Psychosocial workers who follow up defaulters and those lost to follow-up
The blood bank, serving about 300 pints of blood every month has benefitted much as well from these funds. The hospital has equally benefitted from a brand new pickup in 2015 to facilitate blood drives, fridges and other equipment including a centrifuge, an incubator, an ELISA chain, computers and a generator.
                They also sponsored the quality management system (mentorship program) of the blood bank through Safe Blood for Africa Foundation.
                More so, the central laboratory of the Regional hospital is now proud of accreditation (international recognition) by the South African National Accreditation system (SANAS). According to Dr Kinge of the Regional hospital, the PEPFAR project is worth mentioning since it sponsored the entire process of mentorship (training of laboratory managers, mentors and auditors, logistics for external assessors). It is important to stress that the hospital laboratory remains the central hub for diagnostic procedures in the entire region of Northwest with close to 110 doctors with more than 2million inhabitants.
                Satisfied by the actual utilization of the material sent from the US and by the US government, Mr Barlerin after his walk through some units of the hospital, could only but encourage the director to keep up with the work he is doing, saving the lives of the many of Cameroonians. Mr Barlerin could not underestimate the conduct of the hospital delegation led by the Director Dr Thompson Kinge, who turned out to welcome him, he could not lose sight of the proper hygiene and sanitation that is obtained at the hospital. To this and more, Mr Barlerin pledged the relentless support of the people of America and the American Government to the Regional Hospital Bamenda.
                The Delegation was comprised of the US ambassador to Cameroon, Mr Henry Barlerin, the Regional delegate for public health for the NWR, Mr Kingsley Che Soh, The Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, Dr Thompson Kinge, the Director of the CBCHB, Prof Tih Pius, staff of the regional hospital and visitors who were there to testify the quality health care service that the hospital offers to the population.

 Pedmia Shatu Tita