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Hospital Administration puts smiles on the faces of mothers with multiple births
News  |  01.02.2020 8:58 am  |  489  |  A+ | a-

It is common practice that end of years are characterised by gifts sharing. Some choose to visit the poor and vulnerable either in hospitals, homes, churches, orphanages, to name but these.

As the year 2019 closed its curtains, the hospital administration headed by the director decided to visit some mothers who had multiple births in the maternity.

Gifts were handed to these poor and vulnorable mothers who had triplets, and two others with a set of twins. Handing the gifts, the Director expressed the warm the administration feels whenever a single soul is born in the hospital successfully, talkless of when multiples are brought forth with little or no complications and they are faring ok.

Mrs Jessie mother of the triplets expressed her gratitude especially towards two doctors in e hospital who took good care of her despite the fact that she was financially down.

The director encouraged her and her husband to take good care of the children and also make sure they go for family planning.

Mme Enestine ward charge of the nursery also thanked the administration on behalf of the women for their kind gesture and it was crowned with singing.