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Regional Hospital Bamenda creates waiting ward for expectant mothers coming from distant places
News  |  01.09.2020 8:44 am  |  868  |  A+ | a-

Considering the negative impact of the current protracted sociopolitical crisis in the North West Region on circulation of people - ghost town, loçk down, etc - the regional hospital administration has deemed it necessary to put in place a Waiting Ward for expectant mothers coming from distant places.

In a chat with the hospital's Director, Dr Denis Nsame, he explained that given the current state of insecurity and uncertainty which prevails in the region and given that labour/delivery as early as two weeks before the scheduled delivery date and, in order to prevent late consultations and unforeseen in delivery, it was better for these expectant mothers to be provided a safe space in the hospital where they can stay so that should labour set in, they can just walk to the maternity to be taken charge.
The Unit can host 4 expectant mothers at a time and should there be more than four at any time, more space will be made available for them, the Director added, assuredly.

He revealed that the Social Service of the hospital is going to assess the various women who come to be able to determine those who truly qualify to benefit from this service.

Dr Nsame concluded by emphasizing that the service is free of charge but the women concerned will have to take care of themselves during this waiting period.

It is important to note that staying in the Waiting Ward does not mean the women are sick. It is simply because labour comes at odd hours that it is important for these women to be close to the maternity.