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"I feel much fulfilled donating blood because it gives me confidence that I am healthy and can save another life", WAA MUSI - Senior Audiovisual Consultant and Film Maker tells the Regional Hospital Bamenda Website.
News  |  01.11.2020 2:57 pm  |  544  |  A+ | a-

Due to the ongoing crisis in the two English Regions of Cameroon with Bamenda being part of it, the blood bank of the lone referral hospital, the Regional Hospital Bamenda has experienced severe thirst for blood to satisfy the high demands of its numerous patients.

In a chat with the Website, WAA MUSI  explains that he is a voluntary blood donor to the blood bank of the regional hospital Bamenda because to him donating blood  assures him of his good state of health, which can save a life. WAA's motivation to do this every 3 months dates to as far back as 2002 when he visited the hospital and saw the stress carers went through to get donors who would donate for their loved ones, some of who eventually died at the end of the day. So WAA decided that every three months he would come to the hospital together with his friends and donate just a pint of blood each which he knows will give life to someone.

"I equally have an advantage as a donor with my card. Once I have a patient who comes here and needs blood, even in my absence, they are taken care of then I come and replace so that the bank doesn't run dry. That's my own service to humanity and I pray that many other people can join this lead so it will greatly reduce shortage of blood in the blood bank."

It is important to mention that the Blood bank of the Regional Hospital has been organizing blood donation campaigns in churches for the past weeks and continues to do so.  This week, the campaign team is moving to PC Musang and the team leader, Mr. Atabon Fidelis, is appealing for free will donors to join in the quest to save lives.