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Nursing Now has been launched at the Regional Hospital Bamenda as nurses the world over celebrate 200 years of nursing
News  |  03.05.2020 7:35 am  |  308  |  A+ | a-

Nursing Now, a three-year Global Campaign, run in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses and the World Health Organization, has been launched at the Regional Hospital Bamenda.

At the event marking the launch of the Nursing Now Campaign, the project initiator at the Hospital who doubles as the General Supervisor of the hospital, Dr. Mrs Njini Rose, explained the concept and vision of Nursing Now. She indicated that Nursing Now is based on the findings of the Triple Impact Report. The Report concluded that as well as improving health globally, empowering nurses would contribute to improved gender equality as the vast majority of nurses are still women and build stronger economies.
Nursing Now aims to improve health globally by raising the profile and status of nurses worldwide, influencing policy makers and supporting nurses themselves to lead, learn and build a global movement, Dr. Mrs. Njini Rose said.

Furthermore she added that the changing needs of the 21st Century mean nurses have an even greater role to play in the future. New and innovative types of services are needed, more community and home-based, more holistic and people-centred, with increased focus on prevention and better use of technology. These are all areas where nurses can play a leading role. However, maximising nurses’ contributions will require that they are properly deployed, valued and included in policy and decision-making. Nursing Now will work with partners around the world to advocate for more nurses in leadership positions so as to help them exert the influence which they deserve. It will also help nurses access better education and training, while supporting them to share research and evidence of effective practice. Nursing Now will encourage health leaders to invest in nursing and introduce new models of care that maximize nurses’ contributions to achieving Universal Health Coverage which would guarantee for everyone the right to quality health care without financial hardship.

Declaring Nursing Now as part of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, the Director of the hospital,Dr. Nsame Denis,said that access to health care has always remained a challenge but the efforts of nurses in diverse fields in the sector cannot be underestimated.

Attending the launching ceremony were Mr. Nkwain Joseph, President of the Cameroon Nurses Association, Madam Nfor Emmerencia, Representative of the Head of Department for Nursing at the University of Bamenda, and Mr. Ntalabe, former Inspector General at the Ministry of Public Health, who all joined their voices to call on the nurses to be assertive,  improve on their education and career, work as a a team, carry out research in order to minimize lawsuits which are becoming more and more frequent, be duty conscious, in order to meet  the needs of the ever needy population.
A sketch was presented by Madam Akoko Elizabeth and Madam Konang Sylvie, coordinated by Mr. Ngunjuah Franklen, to clear the air about the misconception that Doctors are bosses to Nurses. Rather Doctors an Nurses work in collaboration for quality health care services.

At the end, Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) were handed to some medical and surgical units, with the promise that all the other units would receive theirs in the coming days.