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BARHSA holds general assembly, elects new treasurer
News  |  02.10.2021 12:51 pm  |  282  |  A+ | a-

Bamenda Regional Hospital staff Association BARHSA has held its general assembly to address issues that concern the association and have elected a new treasurer. Dr. Gwanyama Noella is the new BARHSA treasurer. She won by acclamation. The reason for a new treasurer the president said was because the former treasurer was appointed as the General Supervisor of the Hospital and has lots in her hands.

Addressing the assembly, the president Mrs. Kiiyeh Mary-Anne Nkey addressed issues related to BARHSA’s plan, Finances and their achievements. She reminded members of BARHSA’s vision and mission as an association. BARHSA she reiterated is a non- political, non-religious non-racial and non-tribal group.
  1. The aim of the association is to promote solidarity and unity by solving staff’s social issues with dignity and integrity.
  2. To promote harmony, discipline and good organization within the association
To provide social, moral and financial assistance to staff according to provision of the constitution. In line with the above objectives, BARHSA achieved the following in the last 13 months 1 week.
  1. Assisted 4 members during their burial,
  2. Assisted 25 first degree relatives
  3. Will give Gifts to 10 retired staff members today.
  4. Purchased and donated groundnut oil and Savon to all BARHSA members in Dec 2020
  5. Support to this AGM taking place today, 5th February 2021.
The executive also proposed constitutional amendments to cater for happy as well as sad events. The President further presented BARHSA’s EXCO MEMBERS.
  • Honorary President:                               Dr. Denis Nsame N.
  •   President                                             Mrs. Kiiyeh MaryAnne Nkey.
  • Vice President/Minute Secretary:          Mr. Ngu Nji Emmanuel
  • Financial Secretary:                              Mrs. Besong Pauline
  •   Treasurer                                             Mrs. Akoko Elizabeth now Dr. Gwanyama Noella
  • Public Relation Officers:                        Mrs. Forsuh Comfort
                                                                        Mr Anguh Kennthe
The president at the end said,”for us as BARHSA to make meaningful progress, we have to love one another, work as a team, work hard and above all abandon gossip and blackmail. When we do this, the gates of heaven will be opened with its blessings to our association.”
The Director of the hospital, Dr. Nsame Denis Nforniwe presented the hospitals activities for the hospital from January 2020 – December 2020 in content and figures from activities of the year 2020, some achievements, major challenges and plans for 2021. The major fall outs from the directors presentation were ; some achievements which included
  • Renovation of the Neonatology and washing point
  • Renovation of the IWC and Resting room for mothers with babies in neonatal unit
  •  Rehabilitation of 2 main entrances to the hospital
  • Refurbishing of the Roof from Adm. block, Casualty to A-ward etc to name but these.
For majors challenges,
  • Shortage of staff in quantity and quality (Radiologist, Orthopedist, Pediatrician, Reanimator/Anesthetist, Cardiologist, Radiology technicians, Midwives, Nurses specialized in intensive care etc.).
  • PBF unpaid subsidies: 108 million
  • So many unpaid bills
    • 72 million in 2018, (with 378 poor and vulnerable treated)
    • 38 million in 2019   (with 839 poor and vulnerable treated)
    • 51 million in  2020.(with 1192 poor and vulnerable patients received )
  • A sharp drop in revenue leading to budgetary constraints since very few patients pay for services rendered.  (Running credits suddenly suspended in 2019 without prior notification and increase in the number of poor and vulnerable due to civil strife..
  • The 4 slides CT Scan had a  break down for the Nth  time (Not functioning, need replacement)
  • The absence of radiologist, internist, orthopedist, etc caused us to refer many clients, etc.
As for the plans for 2021, the director listed as follows;
  • Finalise 2nd mortuary project
  • Refurbishing ICU (WHO)
  • Acquire modern incinerator (WHO)
  • Follow up Total Rehabilitation of the OPD (NIB)?
  • Follow up payment of unpaid bills
  • Complete construction of doctors offices behind post Natal
  • Complete and received newly constructed isolation centre
  • Improve on some equipment needs (Lab, Theatre, )
  • Acquire new engine for personnel transport bus
  • Reinforce security at Director’s residence
  • Continue rehabilitation of Hospital Fence
  • Construct a grand stand at mortuary, etc
The representative of the Regional Delegate Mr. Mofor Robert Chief Service of General Affairs acknowledged the unionism of BARHSA and the work the hospital administration and the management board are doing for the growth of the hospital and their service to humanity. He indicated that the challenges echoed by the Director will be looked into so that the desired service to the population be effective.

The Assistant general supervisor Mr. Ngunjuah Franklin coordinated 5sketches all depicting some malpractices carried out by nurses and doctors within the hospital which needs to be shun.

The occasion also saw the recognition of some 11 retired staff amongst them was the outgone Assistant General Supervisor, Dr. Mrs Njini Rose.