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Regional Hospital Bamenda benefits a 200KVA Generator from the Bamenda city council.
News  |  04.03.2021 6:15 am  |  284  |  A+ | a-
200KVA generator
200KVA generator

The generator was handed over today 2nd April, 2021 by the Mayor to the Bamenda City Council Mayor Achobong Paul who doubles as the Chairman of the hospital Management Board to the Director of the hospital and his administration. To the Mayor, this donation comes at a time when it is most needed to save humanity, coupled with the epileptic electricity supply the city has been plagued with for long. Mayor Achobong in his address indicated that whenever a need is expressed, there is always a way. He congratulated the efforts of the hospital Management  Board, where he is Board Chair, for placing a constructive demand for an equipment that will serve the needs of the population.

To the Mayor, the Council's prompt action is a clear indication that the wellbeing of the population is pivotal in its developmental efforts. He saluted the efforts of all the health personnel at the Regional Hospital Bamenda despite the challenges and urged them to continue with their level of professionalism in caring for patients and maintaining the high level of sanitation that  obtains in the facility. The 200KVA generator, it should be noted, comes with an automatic change-over switch so that "as soon as electricity misbehaves, the generator behaves," Mr. Achobong Paul said.

Taking place in the context of the #COVID-19 pandemic, the City Council also thought it wise that another donation of facemasks and sanitizers be made to the hospital to help contain the spread of the virus. This comes to add to previous donations the council has made towards the fight against the spread of the virus.

Upon reception of the generator, the hospital's Director, Dr. Denis Nsame  Nforniwe, in a brief note expressed gratitude for the hospital has in the past suffered the effects of power disruptions and has constantly been on a lone generator which sometimes cannot serve its multifaceted needs. The lone generator used to work between 7 to 15 hours daily because most of the machines in the units such as the Haemodialysis Centre, Imaging Centre and the laboratory could not function due to low voltage

 " ..... We have ENEO certainly but because of the low voltage, most machines cannot work right down to our photocopy  machines. So you find out that services like the Imaging Centre, Haemodialysis Centre and the Laboratory cannot run if the voltage is not up to capacity. In the past, we have had machines in the Haemodialysis Centre break down because of low voltage. We have been living in fear with just this one generator because if it breaks down and has to go on repairs then we might loose some patients. We are most grateful today for this donation we are receiving. We sincerely thank the Management Board who thought it wise that our plea was worth the salt and channeled it to the right quarters. When one works in the night, the other will work during the day." The Director on behalf of his team, pledged that they will do all in their powers to judiciously put the equipment to use.

While appreciating the efforts of the City Mayor and his team, the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Mooh described the Mayor as a man with great vision for the city of Bamenda and that he believes that with the collaboration of the population, Bamenda in the years ahead will be likened to Abu-Dhabi. Mr. Simon Emile appealed to the beneficiary, the Regional Hospital Bamenda to use their technical know-how and professionalism in handling the equipment. He also congratulated the efforts of the City Council in helping to contain the spread of the novel virus by providing some COVID-19 kits to the hospital. He used the opportunity to call on health personnel to sensitize the population on the need to respect all barrier measures for a COVID-FREE Bamenda in particular and the Northwest Region in general.

The brief ceremony took place at the power house of the Regional Hospital Bamenda. Also present at the ceremony were the DO for Bamenda II, the Mayor for Bamenda II, hospital administration and staff.