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Regional Hospital Bamenda receives Dr. Phanuel Habimana, country representative of WHO in an effort to boost the COVID-19 response in the Region
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The World Health Organization's Representative in Cameroon, H.E. Dr. Phanuel Habimana, has ended his working visit to the North West Region. Upon his arrival  in Bamenda  on Tuesday, May 4th 2021, he paid a courtesy visit to the  Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, and  had a meeting with the Archbishop of the Bamenda Metropolitan Archdiocese,  Andrew Nkea. Dr Habimana's purpose for visiting  the  region  was to donate some items  worth 32 million francs  with  support  from  the World Bank , the World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNFPA and the Food and Agriculture Organization, under  the umbrella  of a project  called the Pandemic Emergency Facility Fund. The consignment  was made up of a Toyota  pick-up truck and 20 computers.

Day two of his visit was dedicated to the Regional Delegation of Public Health, the Regional Hospital  and the Regional Fund for Health Promotion. Upon arrival at the Regional Delegation of Public Health, Dr. Habimana was welcomed by the Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr. Kingsley Che Soh, the Director of the Regional Hospital, Dr. Nsame Denis Nforniwe and the staff of the Delegation. While at the Regional Delegation, the Delegate presented the Region as per health districts and how the health family has been affected within the past four years by the current health crisis. The Regional Delegate presented the epidemiological situation of the region and Dr. Habimana remarked that it was such an impressive work the health family, led by Dr. Che Soh, have been doing.

Visiting the Regional Hospital, the delegation was led by the Director of the Regional Hospital, Dr. Nsame Denis, who ushered them to the COVID-19 Vaccination site situated at the Imaging Centre of the hospital, the Intensive Care Unit which is to be removed by the WHO and a visit to the Isolation Unit under construction. At the COVID-19 Vaccination site, and looking at the vaccination process,

Dr. Habimana advised that the Astrazeneca which expires in a matter of months should be used first for those who have not had any dose yet since SINOPHARM has a life span of 2 years. Amazed as he moved along the corridors of the hospital, he congratulated the hospital administration and staff for the efforts they are making to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Visiting the COVID-19 Isolation Unit under construction, he expressed some level of satisfaction but appealed that the work be accelerated so that it can serve the purpose for its construction. The contractor promised to complete the said structure in a period of one month.

Speaking  during  the official ceremony to hand over the equipment, chaired by the Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele Lafrique, Dr Habimana  mentioned  that after this  first  consignment, another  consignment  of items  shall be handed over to the hospital  in the days ahead . This second  consignment  shall consist of 30 oxygen concentrators,1 trauma kit, a patient  multi-parameter monitor, 1 ventilator, other personal protective equipment and  some Rapid diagnostic test  kits. Dr. Habimana further revealed that  these donations  are part of a World Bank project  that will benefit  the  North West  and  South West  Regions, considering  their present  political  situation. These are his words: "The Pandemic Facility Fund is a mechanism  that the World Bank has worked out to support  the two regions of Cameroon to better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic  because we know that even before the pandemic the two regions have suffered in terms of destruction of health services and other services in different  programmes  have also suffered as a result of  the conflict  and  humanitarian  situation. We are aware that the addition of COVID 19 in a conflict  zone  would  be very  difficult  so the World  Bank, in negotiation with the government  of Cameroon,  had to work out a mechanism  to increase  the support  provided to these two regions." 

In appraisal, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique  thanked the World Health Organization for having the North West Region at heart and equally called  on the population to shun fake news, rumours, myths and get vaccinated. "I am appealing to all the stakeholders  to mobilize themselves  in task forces as we decided  during  the Regional  Committee meeting  to fight  against the virus. I am also asking everybody in the North West Region, like I have done myself, to go to the various vaccination centres across the Region and get vaccinated to protect themselves against the virus and to protect their community and cut the chain of transmission."

It is worth mentioning that as part of the Pandemic Emergency Facility Fund Project, 95 members of the Rapid Response Team from 20 health districts have been trained. Furthermore, there has been the training of 80 community health workers, 38 data managers, 76 health workers and also the recent training of four medical staff in the management of severe COVID-19 cases.

These donations come at a time when the region is facing the second wave of  the virus  and has  equally started its vaccination campaign against COVID-19 with medical  personnel and the aging population with any comorbidity.