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Bamenda II council brings hope to some needy patients at the Regional Hospital Bamenda
News  |  06.08.2021 9:04 am  |  163  |  A+ | a-

Over the weekend, some 64 patients identified by the Social and Action service of the Regional Hospital Bamenda as vulnerable cases who can barely feed, pay their bills or get medication, benefitted from a 1 million francs cash donation from the Bamenda II council to assist them carry out laboratory investigations and get medications.

Owing to the fact that the health policy in Cameroon recommends treatment before payment, some patients, given the dual crises, cannot settle their bills after treatment. The Director of the hospital Dr. Denis Nsame, in a brief presentation of the hospital projects, revealed that the hospital lost 72 millions in 2018, 39 millions in 2019, 31 millions in 2020 and,for the first quarter of 2021, 9 millions due to unpaid bills.

Dr. Nsame further presented envisaged projects like the need for a CT Scan, Doctors' offices, reinforcement of the fence round the hospital, purchase of equipment in some units, painting of the entire hospital, renovation of some wards like the Reanimation, the Outpatient Department, the Theatre, to name just these.

In reponse, Mayor Chenwi Peter of the Bamenda II Council thanked the Director for the elaborate picture and indicated that the council will deliberate and choose what it can finance from the envisaged projects presented. Mayor Chenwi said "The request for assistance from patients keeps rising everyday. That is why the council decided to undertake this visit and see the situation of patients at the Bamenda Regional Hospital. I will appeal that the soft copy of the presentation be handed to the council for studies and our technical service will look at the projects and that which we can execute, we will definitely execute."

Visiting the Neonatology Unit, Mayor Chenwi handed assistance to those who had been identified. It should be noted that this is a section of the hospital where mothers who put to birth prematurely reside until the specialist deems it fit for them and their babies to retire home.

Created in April 1956, the Bamenda Regional Hospital currently has a bed capacity of 400. A staff strength of 168 government-paid workers with 35 Doctors, 16 of whom are specialists. The hospital, in order to meet the demands of the population, has in addition 319 other staff duly recruited to assist in the caregiving process.