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Dilapidated E-Ward Gets a new look: Director appeals patients be treated like Christ.
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Director Addressing E-Ward staff
Director Addressing E-Ward staff

            Some 4 years ago, the male surgical ward E-ward was ranked amongst the dirtiest wards in the Bamenda Regional Hospital. Many would wonder why it was ranked as such. The sanitary condition was poor, the walls were peeling off, the cement on the floor was wearing out, making the floor rough, and the toilets were stationed about 20 metres away from the ward posing a nuance to the patients and their carers. Today, the hospital can boast of an ‘android’ E-Ward which was reopened by the Director Dr. Kinge Thompson, in the presence of hospital administration and staff.
            During the opening ceremony that took place at the E-ward, the General Supervisor at the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Mrs Njini Rose, expressed gratitude to the Director and to the Ward Charge and her team, she advised them to be collaborative, care for the ward so that when the administration turns back to look at the gift offered they will feel proud and will not hesitate to do more. The General Supervisor presented them breast pocket watches, a gift from the Director of the Hospital. In another team spirit-oriented voice, the Medical Adviser for the Regional Hospital, Dr Njokam, thanked the administration and particularly the Director who remembered the E-ward in this phase of renovation works at the BRH. He went ahead to twist like Oliver Twist and pleaded that equipment be put at their disposal.
            Then the challenging moment came when the Director, Dr Kinge Thompson set out to address the hospital staff present and particularly the beneficiary being the Ward Charge and personnel of the E-ward. Hear him “When we take care of sick people it is always a process of sanctification, I have learnt. Therefore, I continue calling on all of you, men and women, working in all the different capacity you have in the hospital to come here with one heart that will cause you to be focused on the work that God has given you. Because that work is giving you a chance to go to Heaven. The opportunity that we doctors and nurses and all those who work in the hospital have is that we come in contact on a daily basis with Christ himself. Christ who comes to you in every possible disguised manner. For E-ward, you are certainly going to meet Christ who has come with a diabetic foot, with a chronic wound which does not smell good at all, with an operation that is complicated and you have to do dressings over and over. Christ will come to you in the form of a patient who calls you only when you are tired, Christ will come to you in the form of a patient who calls you when you are about to go home that I have not been feeling fine since morning. So, we should be ready to treat Christ with so much care and love. It may be your only opportunity to make it up there. In order that you do not lose that chance, make up your minds to treat the patients as if you were given an opportunity to treat the Head of State or the Minister of Public Health who will give you promotion, motivation etc. In that way, you will not lose him, in that way, u will not pass him by and he will not pass you by”. The Director stretched an olive branch to the contractor, Mr. Frederick, and his boys for the quality of work done at E-ward. He implored God to keep them strong so that they may continue with such good work in the other services that will follow. The Director remarked that he is aware of the equipment that the ward needs and that he will look into their appeal but for a sterilizer, it will be given immediately. He stressed that on no account should Vital signs not be taken for patients. That nurses and doctors should endeavor to attain their goal of customer satisfaction, a virtue at the Regional hospital Bamenda.
            The Chaplain of the Regional Hospital Bamenda, Rev.Aziah Samuel, blessed the Ward and called on Christ to be at the centre of activities carried out there.
            The Ward Charge for E-Ward, Mme Tosam Miranda expressed sincere thanks to the management of the hospital and to the Director in particular for taking them out of the analog ward into a digital age ward. She however pledged to handle and judiciously use the gift so that when need arise for her to demand more, the administration will be proud of how well she and her team managed the building.
            After the event the press caught up with the Director of the Regional Hospital Bamenda who appreciated the efforts of the Minister of Public Health, Minister of Finance and the Government of Cameroon, for allowing the hospital to be part of the Performance Based Financing program, which allows for the hospital to generate money, plan for development through projects, work with the management board and execute. When quizzed on whether envy will not step in the Director explained that there is a spirit of togetherness and they live as a family so there will be no envy and all will in the days ahead breathe a sigh of relief.
            Many have wandered whether it is worth renovating one ward and celebrating while others remain the same. It is therefore worth noting that the following wards have received same attention; “A”, “C”, “F” now the “E” ward, next will be “B” ward, children’s ward. The wards are being renovated following institutional analysis carried out 4 years ago so renovations started from the worst and heading towards the others which were earmarked for renovation.

Pedmia Shatu Tita