Presentation of the Hospital

Bamenda Regional Hospital

The Regional Hospital Bamenda, was opened in 1956 by Sir Roberts the then British High Commissioner based in Lagos Nigeria.

The Hospital was given the status of a 3rd level reference health institution for the North West in 2009, to serve a population now estimated at 2,180,309 inhabitants (2017 health census estimate. It has a capacity of 400 beds with staff strength of about 440 workers.

For the year 2016, it had 55,657 new consultations and 15,575 old consultations making a total of 71,172 consultations, out of which 15,495 were admitted. In 2017 then it had 59750 new consultations and 11,543 old consultations making a total of 71,293 consultations of which 14,214 were admissions.

2015 had 48,838 new consultations and 16,462 old consultations making a total of 65,290 consultations of which 14552.

Average length of stay was 5.2 in 2015, 4.9 in 2016 and   5.1 in 2017.  And bed occupancy rate was 80.7% in 2015, 84.1% in 2016 and 83% in 2017.

Our Vision

To deliver a premier and innovative healthcare service which adheres to the very highest standards of care and clinical excellence, whilst preserving the rights and dignity of our clients, giving our employees the opportunity to grow and working in line with our country’s health policy.

Our Mission

Like other Regional Hospitals in the Country, its mission is as follows :

  1. To offer the best quality Hospital health care to patients in conformity with the National Road map of the Ministry of Public Health; Cameroon
  2. To offer pedagogic support to training institutions of health personnel in and out of the country and in the North West Region in particular;
  3. To carry out operational research within the context of improving patient welfare;
  4. To co-operate and collaborate with other health institutions, local and international partners.

Our core Values

Service to Others : We meet or exceed the needs and expectations of those we serve.

Quality : We create an environment of trust, comfort and confidence brought about by a competent, compassionate and caring staff. `

Teamwork : We do together what cannot be done alone.

Respect : We honor the dignity of all our clients and creative potential of each staff member

Excellence : We offer excellent , compassionate care

Stewardship : We are mindful of our duties and the sacred worth and dignity of each person

Wholeness : We value the health of the whole person, spiritual, psychological and physical.